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Basic Business Conversations

(English-Malay) & (English-Chinese)

This book shows vocabulary, grammar points and language structures in a variety of business situations. The fifty conversations followed by practice structures and vocabulary provide the reader with a 'bank' of expressions which he can apply in his own business conversations.

The book is intended to be used by the learner who has a good working knowledge of English and who wishes to enrich his existing knowledge. Likewise the learner who is more proficient in Malay than in English will find the translations helpful in understanding and learning the new vocabulary and forms.

An important feature of this bilingual book is that the English speaker is given access to basic business converstaions in Malay as well.

Ideally, the learner should practise the conversations aloud. In the classroom, groupwork can take the form of 'dramas' using the dialogues and practice structures.

Key structures or vocabulary items are highlighted in the conversations. Explanations and pattern practice are given at the bottom of the page.

While this book was written with the student of Business English in mind, the student of general English will also find it useful.

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