Sunday - June 20, 2021    

Course Leaders
  1. Alan Chan
  2. Alistair King
  3. Anne Munro
  4. Christopher Wong
  5. Cynthia Jonas
  6. Daniel Chew Seng Choon
  7. Manjit Kaur
  8. Richard Kumar
  9. Roberta Cava
  10. Sherina Ng
  11. Vivian Chong
Alistair King , Dr
( British )

Alistair King, who heads a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, has had eighteen years experience in education and training in several European and Asian countries. He has held university posts both in his home country, the United Kingdom, and in Malaysia.

For the last eight years, he has been conducting courses in Business Communication for Malaysian Banks, Corporate Organizations, Manufacturing Companies and Government Departments. His current client list includes many of the top performers in the corporate world, both in Malaysia and in other Asian countries. His training philosophy is founded on a deep conviction of the worth of the individual and the potential for the individual to improve him / herself. His own educational background is testimony to this philosophy. He holds four university degrees, including M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics and Ph. D. in Human Resource Management. He is a certified Vocational Aptitudes Assessor with the British Department of Employment.

His recent publications in Malaysia include: Effective Business Letter-Writing (1992) Basic Business Conversations (1994)

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